A procedure that’s uses laser diodes combined with rhythmic aspiration massage.

Vaculase is another body sculpting treatment that utilizes laser diodes toboost the arterial, venous and lymphatic micro-circulation, encouraging neoangiogenesis of the intradermal vessels.

The low level laser light energy also has also beneficial effects on fibroblast activity.

The combined localised handpiece’s tip cooling boosts the volume-reducing effect, optimising reabsorption of the edema by stimulating vascular workout.

At the same time, the rhythmic aspiration massage activates lymphatic drainage and tissue stimulation processes, enhancing restoration of the skin’s optimal collagen elastic tension.

When the balance that regulates the exchange between venous and lymphatic capillaries in the adipocytes and connective tissue is disturbed, fluid stagnation is created, causing the fat cells to increase in volume until they rupture, spilling triglycerides into the surrounding tissues

Treatment : Ideal for Cellulite


  • The lympho-drainage
  • Tissue stimulation
  • Restores the skin’s optimal collagen and elastic tension.

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