Hair Strokes

Realistic Effect

Signature Brows by Daniela Morguello

Permanent Make Up Artist, Daniela Cauchi Morguello, can help you achieve that most wanted hair stroke eyebrows look. Perfect eyebrows have to be properly defined, to give a look of symmetry and balance to the face.

Perfectly shaped hair stroke eyebrows make an amazing difference to your face.  Not only do they frame and define the eyes but they help to emphasise your expressions.

If you have badly plucked brows or they are too fair or just not a good shape, we can correct your eyebrows and make them look as natural and realistic as possible.

The hair stroke permanent make up eyebrow  process can provide you with beautiful hair stroke eyebrows by adding colour that copies the look of each individual hair.  The finished product is very natural and lightly feathered so that when you look at your new brows close-up, you will see tiny individual very fine hair lines.  Most women prefer this technique to a solid fill (referred to as block) as it does not look so heavy and looks good even without makeup.

After the procedure, your eyebrows will have natural look that are perfectly symmetrical. Your eyebrows will look permanently perfect and have the right colour to suit your complexion and hair.

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