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Embracing open space, EVA Solarium is modeled for the body, a moment of sublime harmony between body and psyche, the comfort and freedom of space necessary for your serenity.


Eva combines the action of the Collagen light, powerful stimulator of the dermis, to the undoubted benefits of UV rays that increase the level of Vitamin D and immediately give a tanned skin for a healthier and beautiful appearance.

EVA allows tanning the body on an air-conditioned plexiglass in an anatomic position for better blood circulation and to optimize the tanning effect on shoulders, nape and head for bald individuals.

EVA has many innovative features and you will be able to select the level of tanning and type of session as follows:

  • ZCOMPLETE (all system)
  • ZONLY FACE (only lamps face zone)
  • ZONLY LEGS (only lamps legs zone)
  • ZONLY LED COLLAGEN for treatments beauty light

EVA is unique and equipped with the revolutionary LED technology or hybrid combined which includes the 4 most important wavelengths:

  • ZUVB for the production of melanin an vitamin D;
  • ZUVA to reach direct, intensive tan;
  • ZBlu light for pure and blemish-free skin;
  • ZRed light Collagen has a rejuvenating and soothing effect on your skin; You can choose the level of tanning BASE or INTENSIVE, simply simple.

Price List – Tanning

Single Session - 20 minutes


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