Non Surgical Blefaroplasma®

Non Surgical Blefaroplasma® is a non-invasive treatment of the eye contour and eyelid.


This treatment is ideal

  • For baggy eyelids
  • Lines and wrinkles around your eyes such as laughter lines
  • And all-round tightening of loose skin around your eyes.

There are two primary types of Blefaroplasma procedures. 

Upper blepharoplasma addresses drooping eyelids and sagging skin above the eye. 

And Lower blepharoplasma that treats loose skin below the eye

We use a medical grade Plasmopro which applies controlled superficial micro-burns in close proximity to the skin’s surface.

These tiny plasma burns trigger a thermal-damage healing response, which helps reinstate the skin’s natural elasticity.

Following a plasma eye lift session, there will be minor scabbing and some swelling. The scabs will fall off naturally within 5 to7 days following the treatment.

This will lead to tighter and firmer skin thus creating a lifting effect around the eyes

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