Slimming & Nutrition

Our objective is to assist you in leading a long term healthy lifestyle, in a safe and scientific manner by adopting a Nutrition Program set for your individual needs. The objectives can either be to loose weight, reduce fat cells, build muscle tissue, adopt a balanced diet, maintain an ideal weight, and achieve the ideal fat-muscle ratio in the long run.

Our Nutrition advice is based on scientific evidence and assessment by a Medical Doctor certified in Nutrition. We start with a confidential and personal consultation and then proceed with detailed assessment of your body composition using a 3D Body Analyser. By measuring and assessing your body composition, an individualised plan can be created to best fit your objectives and personal needs.

When combining the right nutrition program together with body sculpting treatments we will help you maximize the results to achive your best shape.

We believe that by setting manageable and realistic objectives we can help our clients lose weight, reduce fat deposits from selected areas and maintaining the results achieved.

Nutrition Consultation & Body Analysis Report


Nutrition Consultation, Body Analysis Report and Follow-Ups Package


4 Sessions

Individual Follow Up Sessions


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