Spider Vein Removal

Safe, Effective and Minimally Invasive

spider vein reomoval

Nd:Yag applicator offers a longer, near infared wavelength where light penetration into tissues reaches its maximum depth making it the ideal choice for the treatment of leg veins, leg and facial telangiectasias, facial reticular veins, resistant port-wine stains and venous lakes. Apart from the vascular treatments, the Nd:Yag applicator is used for the treatment of acneonychomycosishair removal and rejuvenation and is suitable for use on all skin types, including tanned skin.

The Nd:Yag applicator grants exceptionally fast treatments with high efficacy and comfort and allows independent control of fluence, pulse duration and repetition rates to tailor your treatment parameters.

The laser beam penetrates deeper into the skin to selectively target the deepest skin structures, such as deep lying veins and follicles.

The thermal energy of the laser heats the pigment, such as blood, to a point where the desired effect, vein walls being destroyed, is achieved. Thus, the Nd:YAG light, unlike other wavelengths, also targets the underlying vascular feeding system, which is important for ensuring the long-term efficacy of the treatment. This process is perfectly safe, as other healthy veins supply blood to the treated area and treated pigments are removed by the body’s own immune system.