Diode Laser Hair Removal

Diode Laser is by far the latest & most effective laser technology that offers the ability to treat large areas fast with high efficacy and comfort.

With Diode few short sessions, usually 5-6, are required in order to permanently remove hair, with just a few touch ups that may be required over time.

With conventional IPL Lasers you would require a minimum of 8-10 sessions to start seeing some results of hair removal.

Diode Laser hair removal is one of the most comfortable procedures for permanent hair removal. A slight discomfort may be sensed as the laser handpiece passes over the treatment areas but no topical anesthetics are necessary for this procedure.

The Diode applicator is also considered the “gold-standard” of hair-removal lasers as it can be used to treat all skin types effectively and with the fewest number of treatments. No crossing over the same areas is required as with other hair removal procedures, making the treatment time even shorter.